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Why You Should Play IDP

Why play IDP? I have always thought it was odd that more people do not play fantasy football with actual defensive players. Most leagues tend to stick to full defenses instead of the IDP123 layout. Have been playing fantasy football for as long as I have (20+ years)? You need to be playing IDP. If you are in any type of dynasty fantasy football, you should be playing IDP. If you just want to enjoy the game of football more, you should be in IDP. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should consider transitioning to an IDP league.

The challenge

IDP is for the big leagues. If you are a casual football fan, this is not for you. Only someone that fully comprehends and pays close attention to the game can compete in these types of leagues. With that said, most people that are playing fantasy football know football pretty well. So, if you know football pretty well, what is your excuse to not playing IDP?

I have heard tons of different excuses to why people do not play IDP. The one that takes the cake is when people say IDP makes things complicated. Why? Is it because it actually challenges you? You long time players need to venture out and challenge yourself. Take the time to learn the value of defensive players and strategies to play in an IDP league. The only reason a long time fantasy player is not in IDP is because they are scared. Scared of the challenge. Scared they may not be good at it. Stop allowing fear and stubbornness to get in the way of advancing your fantasy football experience.

The Fun

Every football game is ten times more fun when you have offensive and defensive players to cheer for. In one game you could be cheering for Alvin Kamara to get you a touchdown, only to see him get tackled behind the line. You then find out your linebacker Devin White is the one that stopped him and got you points anyway. If you love scouting young talent, playing IDP would give you more guys to watch coming into the draft.

There is nothing like scouting a young stud linebacker coming into the NFL draft. Finding a really talented young linebacker is like finding a really good running back. The value for the positions are on par with each other for the side of the ball they line up on. You know you love watching your running backs kill it on Sundays. Why not watch your defensive players light up other guys back fields. Either way the more people to cheer for, the more fun.

The Scoring

You like high scoring games in fantasy football? Then why would you play with a full defense over IDP? A full defense may get you 20 points on a really good week. One defensive player can get you 20 points by himself. You have multiple players that start on the defensive side. Your defense can literally win you the week. Remember in the 2020 season when Jeremy Chinn stripped the ball and ran it back for a touchdown? He did that to the Vikings week 12 and he did it twice that game. Chinn ended that game with over 40 fantasy points in a regular IDP123 scoring format. So, if you want to rack up the points, get some defensive players on your team.

The Relevance

It is an old cliché saying, but it is true. Defense wins championships. Playing with nothing more than a team defense, or no defense at all, shows the lack of value you have for that side of the ball. Do you know who Jesse Bates or Haason Reddick is? You would if you played IDP. Why not keep the defense relevant by allowing yourself to take over a league using defensive players? Take a second and picture this. You are watching your favorite team playing their biggest rival in a Monday night game. Instead of watching the whole game, you only watch when your team is on offense. This is how relevant you make the defense seem if you are playing dynasty without IDP.


Simply put, if you want to enjoy the game of football more, play IDP fantasy football. There is more to cheer for and there is more of a chance to be a football nerd. If you have made up your mind and have determined you will never play IDP; Call yourself a casual fan and stick to redraft leagues. In all seriousness, every fantasy player should try IDP dynasty at some point in their life. If you have given it a good chance, there should be no reason not to play that way going forward. There are plenty of web sites, trade calculators, and articles that can help you determine values of defensive players. Twitter is also a great way to get good advice on IDP players.

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