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The Rise of Jerry Jeudy- Buy Now or Never

Jerry Jeudy


Hey team! It’s the Dynasty Dealer here. Everyone needs to keep an eye on Jerry Jeudy, the young wide receiver for the Denver Broncos. Now in his second year in the NFL, he has the ability to be one of the best in the league. I see him as a potential top 20 overall player, and there is still room for improvement. He had a great rookie season, and his work ethic and dedication has been noticed by the entire league. He caught 52 passes for 856 yards and 3 touchdowns his first year in the league. It’s very rare to see a wide receiver this young have this much success. Most people want that 1000 yard receiver stat line as a rookie. Don’t sleep on Jeudy. Guess who had similar numbers as a rookie? Deandre Hopkins, and he wasn’t ticketed for greatness after a 52-catch, 802-yard, two-touchdown rookie season.

Route Running

One of the main factors that goes into Jerry Juedy’s success is his uncanny route running ability. He can create separation at will, and has great ball tracking skills. He is dangerous every time he steps onto the field, and it’s only going to improve from here. While he may not have the size that some of the other top receivers have, his route running and separation more than make up for it. Watching some of his games you can definitely see his crisp route running. It is very rare to see a route that isn’t at the perfect angle to create separation.

His speed and ability to make insane catches also stand out. He isn’t the fastest receiver but he is very quick off the line. That being said he can get jammed at the line and doesn’t seem to have the biggest frame which could lead to issues against more physical cornerbacks. He has the ability to change direction in a blink of an eye, and honestly sometimes it looks like he isn’t running full speed and that he is gliding across the field. The scary part about all of this is that he can still get better. Here is a breakdown of his route running ability from college, as well as more recent clips of him improving his game.

Right now he is more fast than agile, but I think he will be able to add some muscle this offseason which will help him. If he keeps working hard, he could potentially be a Deandre Hopkins type player. He should also work on his ability to catch the ball more cleanly. Other than that, there are not many holes in his game.


Speaking of ball catching ability, in 2018 in college Jeudy didn’t have any issues with drops. When the 2019 season rolled around he had a concerning 7 drops. The only knock I can really find on Jeudy is his hands. While drops are somewhat inherent with rookie wide receivers, if he doesn’t fix this issue it could lead to an average career.

Now onto the very important facts. Jerry Jeudy finished the 2020 season sixth in total air yards while having one of the worst QBs in Drew Lock. Last season, Lock was one of the most inaccurate passers in the National Football League. The Broncos’ quarterback ranked 31 out of 32 QBs in percentage of uncatchable passes in 2020. Of the 113 targets Jerry Jeudy saw in 2020 only 70 of them were catchable. He was 102nd in target quality and 2nd in unrealized air yards. Between his horrid QB situation, drops and his great route running he managed to rack up 856 yards.

The Broncos acquired Teddy Bridgewater during the offseason and I believe he will earn the starting job. Michael Thomas was able to flourish with Teddy B, so I believe Jeudy will be able to do the same. Most of us have our fingers crossed that Aaron Rodgers will end up in Denver. If that happens Jeudy’s potential is to the moon. Another note is Pat Shurmur. Shurminator is entering his second season as offensive coordinator. He gets the best out of his players, even average QBs have their best years under him, just look at Case Keenum. The offense and the surrounding weapons will allow Jeudy to play in space and never be double covered. Courtland Sutton will only help Jeudy’s road to dominance.

Yes, Jeudy does need to work on his hands and practice catching the ball more cleanly and bringing it back down to protect it a little better. The good news is that he has been addressing both of these things along with adding muscle. This will help him become a true number one receiver. Once he gets over this minor issue, his rare combination of route-running, speed, and ball tracking skills should lead to a very successful career. Below is footage of him working on his hand eye coordination.


Jeudy has elite level natural ability and he is still very young for his position. He just turned 22 last month. He has a lot of room to grow and should be given the time and space to do so. Jeudy might not be the fastest or strongest, but he has been able to gain a lot of yards after the catch by working hard and using his shifty moves. He is a smart receiver who has good instincts, vision, and technique. He has an uncanny ability to win one on one coverage, and always maximizes with his explosive moves. As I said before, if he can bring the ball in better he will really take off.

Jeudy’s season was very good for a rookie but got overshadowed by dynamite seasons from Jefferson, Lamb and Claypool. In the past ten years there has been only twenty two receivers with more reception yards during their rookie year. All are fantasy studs besides the following players:

Kelvin Benjamin – Once his mom passed away he stopped caring about the NFL. He had all the physical tools to be a dominant receiver but he never applied himself because he lost the motivation. He also tore his ACL and gained too much extra weight.

Willie Snead – He is an outlier here. He has had a comparable career to Sammy Watkins. In my opinion Snead is just another guy. His lack of speed and athleticism really reflects his career.

Sammy Watkins – He has been plagued with injuries. During his career, he’s only played 16 games in a season once which happened to be his rookie season in 2014.

Justin Blackmon – Alcohol and substance abuse ruined his career.

Jordan Matthews – Injuries and trades plagued Matthews, he bursted on the scene and then completely fell off the map.

Now that this is cleared up it leaves the total to seventeen dynasty studs. So what seventeen receivers are in the same category? Justin Jefferson, Odell Beckham, Michael Thomas, Amari Cooper, Aj Green, Aj Brown, Mike Evans, Keenan Allen, Julio Jones, Ceedee Lamb, Terry Mclaurin, JuJu, Tee Higgins, DK Metcalf, Chase Claypool, Cooper Kupp, and TY Hilton.

As it stands now, he is a very good receiver who can take over a game when he gets hot, and has the potential to be a true elite number one. I am just excited to see what he will be able to do in the future with proper training and development. With his “on a regular basis” exceptional route-running, and his spectacular play ability he will be a force to be reckoned with. Jerry Jeudy is the future of the league and I am buying him in 100% of my Dynasty leagues. I have even overpaid with no shame in some leagues.


Elliot (Dynasty Dealer Writer, Photographer, Sports Fanatic)