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Dynasty Trends: The Truth About Tre Nixon

Over the past few years the dynasty community has been playing follow the leader when it comes to dynasty trends. Hyping a player with no due diligence or research. Just like sheep to the slaughter, our fantasy teams suffered immensely.

I was scrolling through my twitter feed one day searching for new content to write about for our fantasy website and just thought “What if we hype a RANDOM believable sleeper rookie.” I really wanted to see how “MANIPULATED” the dynasty market could actually get. So I looked at a list of players and found my target. I promoted Tre Nixon with REAL facts in a few groups as well as on twitter, the results made myself as well as my team members’ mouths drop. Within the day Tre Nixon was #3 trending on sleeper and he stayed trending on sleeper and MFL for a full 3 days.

I did this science project as a lesson for those who blindly follow the leader. Do your own research. ALWAYS!!

Yes, Tre Nixon is a sleeper. Yes he is talented. Yes, all the facts we stated about him are true. He was the perfect player for this type of experiment. He is a deep stash in 30 roster leagues.